Bring order to the array of papers going in and out of your day. This tray let you streamline your desk while making it easy to locate what you need when you need it. Why stick your documents in a drawer or cabinet where youll likely forget about them causing all sorts of havoc and headaches? Using an open storage solution keeps whats important for you to get to in front of you when and where you need it. A classic modern design that is created with a premium quality MDF material and painted... Overall: 5.25 H x 10.5 W x 13.25 D Overall Product Weight: 4.4lb.

This multi-use wooden desktop organizer can be an office supplies case, makeup organizer and a tool storage box. It helps you to organize your desktop. With the natural wood color finish offers your desk a perfect look. Overall: 12 H x 17.25 W x 7.5 D Overall Product Weight: 5.62lb.

Offering an artistic twist on a functional object, this pen holder showcases a partially clenched fist with an open space to store writing utensils. This distinctive design weighs nearly three pounds, so its perfect as a paperweight. Though this unique piece is sure to make a statement on your own desk, you can also hand it over to a friend if you want to give them a gift that will make them grin. Overall: 4 H x 2.375 W x 2.5 D Overall Product Weight: 3lb.

Store away your office supplies, make up, other odds and ends in this charming small desktop wire metal drawers. These desktop drawers are constructed of rustic solid wood with 3 metal drawers each with a metal label holder. This rustic chic set of drawers is perfect to hold paper clips, pushpins or other desk accessories in your home office. It can also be used in your bathroom, vanity to hold make up and brushes. Overall: 10.88 H x 13.75 W x 6.13 D Overall Product Weight: 4.2lb.

Marrying minimalist design with soothing, natural materials, this four-tier desk organizer is the perfect piece to keep your desktop clear of clutter and distraction. Crafted of eco-friendly bamboo in a light, natural stain, this essential organizer measures just 8.13 H x 7.63 W x 5 D overall. Two drawers with cut-out handles are perfect for stowing away files and folders, while two open upper shelfs are ideal for sorting mail or holding frequently-used desktop supplies. Overall: 8.13 H x 7.63 W x 5 D Overall Product Weight: 2.5lb.

This collection brings a fresh perspective to desk accessories by offering functional solutions with appealing design elements. This Desk Organizer with Smart Phone Holder provides compartments for small knickknacks and writing utensils, while providing a removable ergonomic system to hold your mobile device. Features sturdy wood construction with a durable double coated matte black finish. Frosted glass windows add a touch of class. Non-slip rubber feet reduce movement and protect your work... Overall: 3.5 H x 10.4 W x 5.5 D Overall Product Weight: 1.5lb.

Organize important files in the home office or handwritten recipes in the kitchen with this understated file organizer. Featuring an openwork mesh design with two open handles, this organizer makes a subtle addition to your space, while its size lets you hold up to 12-25 medium-sized files. Available in a variety of colors, this piece is sure to blend into your palette. Overall: 9.88 H x 12.5 W x 5.5 D Overall Product Weight: 1.48lb.

Say goodbye to having a case of the Mondays with Design Ideas Frisco collection of desk accessories in Design Ideas new mod color palette. Made from paperboard with 100% post-consumer recycled core and contrasting metal trim, Frisco adds a sophisticated vibe to even the dullest workspace. Overall: 6 H x 12.2 W x 5 D Overall Product Weight: 1.11lb.

Keep important documents organized in the study or office with this essential box. Overall: 9.8 H x 13.4 W x 7.9 D Overall Product Weight: 5.91lb.

Bainbridge Desktop Organizer quickly transforms a chaotic desk into an attractive organization station. Its equipped with a three-section letter sorter for incoming and outgoing mail and three magnetic cups for storing odds and ends of all sizes. Rearrange the magnetic pencil and doodad cups on their base to customize your space. Overall: 5.5 H x 8.25 W x 6.5 D Overall Product Weight: 1.813496lb.

This Eile Desktop Accessory Kit 10 Count. Give your office an elevated look of sophistication and modernity with accessories, wire metal design. This Desktop Accessory Kit includes scissors, tape dispenser, stapler, pencil cup, Monterrey ballpoint pens, and binder clips, and it is a perfect choice for a first-time office space, homework area, traditional office spaces or collaboration rooms. The overall length scissors accents to create a cohesive and glamorous workspace. The full strip stapler... Overall: 11 H x 13.5 W x 3 D Overall Product Weight: 3lb.

This 2-slot bamboo mail organizer is perfect for organizing mail, notepads, stationary, and other desk odds and ends. Overall: 6 H x 10.75 W x 4.18 D Overall Product Weight: 1.83lb.

Overall: 13.25 H x 5 W x 11 D Overall Product Weight: 5.8lb.

When wires get tangled and you cant find your phone, its time to tidy your desk up with this charging station. This handy design corrals cords and offers pockets for placing devices that need to be charged, along with a removable top tray thats perfect for organizing earbuds and cases. Plus, its understated in both style and size with a brown-finished bamboo wood frame measuring 4.25 H x 11.75 W x 6.75 D. Overall: 4.25 H x 11.75 W x 6.75 D

U Brands LLC beautiful office accessories are the perfect combination of design and function. Organize your desktop and office with U Brands LLC fashion printed office accessories. Overall: 15.95 H x 7.17 W x 11.22 D Overall Product Weight: 4.5lb.

A playful seriousness is the proper attitude for facing work to be done. Design Ideas Edison desk accessories are built from sturdy epoxy-coated steel for serious functionality, while the circular patterns and sophisticated, mod colors add a splash of fun to your surroundings. Overall: 10.2 H x 3.9 W x 9.9 D Overall Product Weight: 1.25lb.

Keep your desk neat and tidy with this Bevins Steel Mesh Stackable Letter Paper Holder Shelf Tray Desktop Organizer. Enjoy the low prices on all office organization and supplies. Stack for maximizing desktop space. Interlocking feet ensure secure stacking of up to three trays. Stackable tray for files, papers, folders, envelopes, documents, etc... Can be used as one piece or buy them in quantity and stack them. Keep your desk neat and space saving. With its sleek finish and neat design, this... Overall: 2.75 H x 9.75 W x 13.5 D Overall Product Weight: 4lb.

Elevate your computer screen and organize your desktop in modern design with this Briggs Wood Desktop Organizer Monitor Bridge. Crafted of manufactured wood with a painted satin finish this durable monitor bridge has spaces to organize all your desktop accessories. The surface has eight storage slots-all. Two square slots fit post it notes, one slot will hold your pens, one slot can hold your highlighters, three slots can hold your smartphones or other devices and one slot can hold your lip... Overall: 5 H x 26 W x 12 D Overall Product Weight: 11.5lb.

It is a desktop organizer featuring a solid and lightweight wood construction. Ideal for storing your desk accessories, documents, magazines, and office supplies all in one case. L-shaped shelving fits the corner or any space on the desktop. The vertical compartments hold books, magazines, notebooks, mails, and folders. And the drawer holds pens, sticky notes, and other accessories. Overall: 13.75 H x 6.4 W x 9 D Overall Product Weight: 2.28lb.

Keep your monitor at the optimal viewing angle to reduce risk of straining your eyes and neck. Itll help maximize your desk space and make it more comfortable for long hours on the computer. Make surfing the web comfortable and convenient. Overall: 4.13 H x 14.25 W x 10 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

Sort, tidy, classify, order, arrange. In order to have information that is accessible to all, all the time, it is vital that you have the ideal organization for filing papers, files, archives, documents. Paperflow furniture is full of ingenuity and flexibility, adapting to your surroundings and particular circumstances. Overall: 12.71 H x 33.75 W x 13 D Overall Product Weight: 12.2lb.

Open wire design keeps documents and files in clear view. Stepped sections for easy viewing and quick access to folders, letter and legal size papers. Wire design wth rubber-tipped feet to protect your desktop. Overall: 12.75 H x 10 W x 11.63 D Overall Product Weight: 0.99lb.

Fully adjustable riser lets you customize viewing level to prevent neck strain. Convenient storage tray holds paper, pens and clips, keeping supplies off your desk but within easy reach. Nonskid rubber feet protect work surface from scratches and scuffs. Sturdy, durable, with simple lines that work with any decor. Holds up to 80 lbs. Overall: 4.19 H x 19.88 W x 14.06 D Overall Product Weight: 5.02lb.

Desk looking untidy and cant seem to find anything? When you have Mind Readers file organizer you wont have to worry about that anymore. Save yourself all the needed space on your desk and organize that mess. Overall: 10.5 H x 13 W x 9.5 D Overall Product Weight: 6.98lb.

Raise your monitor in style with this 2 tier sturdy monitor stand. Its sleek mesh-like design allows for ventilation to your laptop or computer monitor. This stand also allows you to store things away such as a keyboard, mouse or other office supplies. Overall: 6 H x 14.5 W x 10.5 D Overall Product Weight: 4lb.

Looking for a luxurious desktop piece for the businessman or businesswoman who has it all? OnDisplay is proud to introduce a new luxury line of acrylic desktop organization pieces designed to stand out on any executive desk. Keep office supplies, cosmetics and other essentials neat and in order with the Pierce Acrylic Organizer. This multi-functional organizer can be used in the office, kitchen or bathroom for storing business cards, pens, pencils, note pads, paper clips, cosmetics and other... Overall: 4.5 H x 11.5 W x 4 D Overall Product Weight: 2.2lb.

Overall: 4.8 H x 12 W x 15.4 D Overall Product Weight: 3lb.

This Croker Urban Cement Company and Trade Mail Organizer is a modern take on a traditional desk accessory. As the name describes, each piece manufactured by the company is made using cement. This gives the products and modern and industrial style, but there is something more beneath each piece. To avoid the weight of traditional cement. The result is a modern zen style look that updates the eco-home with a unique edge. Overall: 6.5 H x 5.25 W x 7 D Overall Product Weight: 1.59lb.

Multi-purpose organizers are the best for offices, kitchens and bedrooms. They allow you to organize your supplies, clothing, utensils and cosmetics or jewelry. No need to have things lying around, instead these organizers can go in your drawer, on top of the table or counter or on a shelf. Overall: 2.43 H x 8.75 W x 13 D Overall Product Weight: 4.5lb.

Compact storage for essentials. Three-tiered tower stores items of varying heights, five compartments in base hold small items. Also includes built-in tape dispenser. Base swivels for easy access. Overall: 10.3 H x 10.2 W x 7.7 D Overall Product Weight: 1.95lb.

The All in one monitor riser is an essential accessory for your desk. Raising your computer monitor to a comfortable ergonomic height while supporting up to 50 lbs., the monitor riser will make your days at the computer much more enjoyable. All necessary power cords and auxiliary cables are included. Overall: 5 H x 16 W x 13 D Overall Product Weight: 9lb.

Fine-grain high-quality leatherette vinyl for unsurpassed writing surface. Substantial core material provides rigidity and writing surface smoothness. Color matched, scratch-free soft antiskid backing. Overall: 1.25 H x 24 W x 19 D Overall Product Weight: 5.68lb.

Bring some style into your office or home with this Organizing system. Brightly colored wooden desk organizers help you personalize your workspace while staying organized. The Bright Magazine File has a sturdy build, and is the perfect storage option for catalogs, magazines, files or any loose-leaf papers. Designed in Germany, this Organizing system is made out of plywood from sustainable forestry, stained in beautiful, bold colors, intended to help keep your desktop clutter under control and... Overall: 10 H x 3.5 W x 11.5 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

The fresh concept from the minds designers that has the appearance of time-tested authenticity. Hand weaves wire to create these functional and nostalgic office accessories. Finished in rust proofing lacquer and suitable for years of use. Overall: 7 H x 3.5 W x 5.3 D Overall Product Weight: 1.47lb.

Keep your monitor at the optimal viewing angle to reduce risk of straining your eyes and neck. Itll help maximize your desk space and make it more comfortable for long hours on the computer. Allows for portability and adjustable height on the legs. Overall: 4.88 H x 21.75 W x 12.75 D Overall Product Weight: 1.3lb.

Mount-it! Monitor and TV stand elevates the display to a more comfortable height for optimal viewing experience and help reduce neck and eye strain. Contemporary design with premium glass and aluminum materials used makes it a perfect fit for any room or office. Ideal for cramped workstations and desks as it expands your work area upward, maximizing your available work area. Its extended size accommodates a wide variety of TVs and computer monitors, printers and other miscellaneous office... Overall: 8 H x 12 W x 6 D Overall Product Weight: 10lb.

Enjoy a clean and organized workspace with the desk organizer set in bright, vivid color, with everything from pencil cups to letter trays, to keep your pens, magazines, letters, and memos, etc. in check. Keep your desk neat and tidy with the vivid desk organizer set, this matched set is perfect for creating a cohesive look in your office or workspace. Combat the clutter and control your workspace. Overall: 4.4 H x 2.6 W x 4.4 D Overall Product Weight: 0.4lb.

Each set includes 2 adorable mini storage containers that stand over 5-inch tall. One is a mini curbside trash can, the other, a mini recycle bin. Complete with closable tops, and real wheels. These are higher quality than the other brand mini trash can pencil cup holders. This trash can pencil holders come blank with two recyclable stickers and two trash stickers. Overall: 4.9 H x 2.7 W x 2.5 D Overall Product Weight: 0.36lb.

Features 12 sections and 2 removable dividers for keeping both office supplies and household items neatly organized. Overall: 4 H x 10.3 W x 5.4 D Overall Product Weight: 1.2lb.

This stainless steel magnetic memo center keeps a notepad and pencil close at hand. Magnetic backing allows you to place it on a refrigerator or any other magnetic surface. This sleek, modern piece complements any room. Includes notepad and pencil. Overall: 6.31 H x 4.06 W x 2 D Overall Product Weight: 1.1lb.

Adjusts to ensure correct ergonomic positioning, reducing strain on neck and back. Large platform supports monitor, laptop or printer up to 21 or 80 lbs. Sleek style goes with any decor. Overall: 5.875 H x 15 W x 12 D Overall Product Weight: 2.86lb.

Contemporary wood and punched metal desk organizer features a pen/pencil compartment plus two sorting vanes for memo pads and messages. Also holds a 3 x 3 note pad while storing another (sold separately). Nonskid feet. Desktop Supplies Organizer Type: Pen/Pencil Cup Plus Storage; Global Product Type: Desktop Supplies Organizers; Number of Compartments: 3; Number of Drawers: N/A. Overall: 4.5 H x 5.88 W x 5.88 D Overall Product Weight: 2lb.

Reams of paper lifting your monitor up? With a cool bamboo design the Mind Reader monitor stand raises your monitor for maximum comfort, reducing eye and neck strain, extra drawer will even help clear up your desk. Overall: 3.74 H x 14.8 W x 11.54 D Overall Product Weight: 4.5lb.

Sturdy steel is a smart solution! All steel organizing accessories are extra sturdy and useful. These practical, yet timeless, desktop organizers combine horizontal with vertical filing compartments to handle paperwork, file folders, books, binders, etc. in the same unit! Theyre available in a variety of styles and sizes to make the most efficient use of any work surface! Front and end panels feature a decorative contemporary design. Rubber feet included to protect work surfaces. All steel... Overall: 8.125 H x 22.125 W x 11.25 D Overall Product Weight: 12lb.

Get organized with bold desk accessories. Perfect for keeping paper clips tidy, this magnetic clip holder makes sure no clips will stray from the tray. Designed in stainless steel, its perfect for any home or office. Overall: 0.78 H x 3.51 W x 3.51 D Overall Product Weight: 0.23lb.

The Safco Products Value Mate Desk Riser is a great way to keep your office essentials well-organized. It is constructed from metal that makes it strong and long-lasting. This desk riser has a simple finish that blends well with most of the office decors and settings. It comes with two metal legs that are sturdy and provide support on the floor. There are file holders at the side for better functionality. The desk riser has a weighing capacity of 12 pounds that makes it ideal for a laptop and... Overall: 8.25 H x 30 W x 12.25 D Overall Product Weight: 12lb.

Cast Iron Decorative Turtle Paperweight is a great addition to any desktop. Handcrafted from solid cast iron, this reliable and rustic paperweight securely holds down any paperwork or looks great as a piece of home or office nautical decor. Display this decorative paperweight to add a nautical theme to any room and show those who visit your home your affinity for the sea-faring lifestyle. Overall: 1 H x 4 W x 3 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

Easy access open front Includes gold stacking tray posts Felt interior lining Protective felt bottom

Pick up this Maura Desk Set with Gift Box to organize all your basic stationery items and other such things. It is made from quality material that would maintain its pristine condition for long. This desk set includes magazine or file holder pencil and pen cup letter holder and cubbies for clips and paper pins. You can place this multi-purpose desk set anywhere in your living space like study drawing room or your home library. The feminine blue with a white stripe shade gives adorable appeal to... Overall: 24.2 H x 16.1 W x 3.9 D Overall Product Weight: 7.9lb.

Simple assembly with industrial-size snaps. Metal label holder makes identification easy. Grommet in spine simplifies removal from shelves. Constructed of heavy-duty fiberboard with leather-like water-resistant PVC laminate to protect periodicals. Sturdy, Overall: 0.5 H x 13 W x 13.4 D Overall Product Weight: 0.89lb.

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